Pit bulls are not born aggressive and are very loving of humans. The clever design sets up easily and folds up well for moving or storage.  =  How to Crate Train a Dog with Anxiety. This popular, heavy-duty crate is strong and easy to work with. Also, the dog may eliminate inside the crate even if it’s completely housebroken. It is made for dogs like Pitbulls and German Shepherds who always have the tendency of wanting to escape from wire crates or cages. Its two large swing-out doors offer great access for cleaning, and the “Starter” fleece pad and cover are machine washable. Some dogs are calmer and won’t try to break free, no matter the circumstances. A heavy-duty dog crate is usually needed for this powerful breed. Some will try to escape confinement even at risk to their own safety. If pit bull separation anxiety is not promptly dealt with, your Pit may incessantly bark, make a mess, or even destroy your home. If you add up the broken crates and mishaps over the dog’s career, it’s probably cheaper to empty your wallet now and avoid the stress. It rolls easily on locking casters, and comes in either Black or Silver. Why? At night she would sleep in it and didn't mind being in it. Today, pet companies build crates from several materials – mostly plastic, aluminum, and steel. (Perfect Snack or Bad Idea? Overall, this is a good model if you’re looking for a tough crate that will handle a rowdy Pit … and do it with style. Crate training an anxious dog will follow the same steps, but with a few added parts. The latches are suspect, unfortunately, and may not resist a prolonged bodily assault by a 90-pound Sweet Pookums. The two-door design helps you place the cage wherever you’d like. A common problem many pit bull owners face is separation anxiety. The manufacturer claims they’ve improved the design. This isn’t a cage for the Artful Dodgers of the dog world, who will soon warp the hapless container into a balled ruin. Persistence is a trait of the breed, and some hardened crate-killers will worry and work a tiny hole into an opening you could escape through. This cage is good for various things, such as training, playing, exercising, or simply to keep your pet safe. Pitties with separation anxiety will find it hard to settle on a crate no matter what the size is. Even if you have a closed garden, you should still keep your active Pitbull safe. My dog Bella used to love her crate. How to Crate Train a Dog with Separation Anxiety. You need to choose wisely. ), How to Keep Dog House Warm (9 Useful Tricks You Don't Want to Miss), How to Get Dogs Unstuck? The problem with plastic is that it’s not durable enough to resist a hangry Pitbull for long. If your dog can’t do that, they will be stressed and uneasy. At the same time, stagnant air causes mold and bacterial growth, which can cause health problems for your dog. A crate is often a necessary part of responsible ownership with a Pitbull. Best Crate For Pitbull. If you have decided to buy such a product, there are some important aspects you need to think through. }. Here are some reasons why Pitbulls require special attention to their crate’s construction and design: Young Pits have so much energy, it will probably wear less on your wallet and patience to start with an indestructible crate. You can slide the tray out without opening the cage for convenience. It can be installed without the wheels. To find the best dog crate for Pitbull, you must know what to look for. A Pit Bull puppy may also be initially adverse to … Once you have exposed all the possible week spots, you are good to continue your search. They weigh from 25 to just over 100 pounds. Separation anxiety can be present in any dog, and adopted Pitbulls that may have been stressed previously are especially prone to panic when left alone. This SmithBuilt heavy-duty crate works very well, although the locks can be manipulated by smart dogs if you don’t know how to secure it properly. Premium quality construction; Reinforced steel They will do their best to try to break free by chewing it up or finding a way to open it. This dog kennel is considered by some to be the best dog crate for Pitbulls. But more importantly, poorly ventilated crates allow air to stay stagnant, causing moisture to build, which … Heavy-duty crates are usually made of welded steel, though high-end aluminum is also used. Do Dogs Eat Mice and What Is the Worst Case Scenario if They Did? The American Staffordshire Terrier is shorter and has a stockier build. Another good thing is, despite its heavyweight, the cage is easy to assemble. The 20 gauge steel construction is a rarity for crates this cheap. You may have to use a separate room if available. Their suggested crate size is 30 inches long by 19 inches wide, and from 21 to 24 inches high. The crate comes with all-steel tube construction and uses durable slide locks. If a dog has had prior escape success, they will be much more persistent in trying. This should help when you want to move the pitbull crate to another room, especially if the pitbull has any separation anxiety issues. There are two sizes, 38- and 42-inch long, each with the option of a peaked roof. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to deal with this situation – by using a special crate. Metal cages are usually more open, too, and are often conveniently collapsible when not in use. If you crave high anxiety dog crates you need to step it up when it comes to dog crate quality. The ideal crate for your pitbull must be well ventilated, to allow a proper flow of oxygen. Wide access doors help make cleaning easier, as do smooth metal surfaces. It’s made with sturdy wire, which will be fine if—if—your Pitbull isn’t trying to escape. Maybe he broke it, or dug the hole underneath it? The crate can be used both indoors and out. This video is about using a crate to set boundaries and instil, trust while emphasizing you as the leader. The peaked roof design is great for taller dogs, though it’s probably more headroom than your Pit needs. Below is the list of our choices for the best dog crate for Pitbulls, in no particular order. When it comes to a dog’s crate, there must be a balance between not enough space and too much space. This is extremely important when choosing a good crate for Pitbull! Dual escape-proof lock keeps the crate doors securely shut. This heavy-duty crate is one of the world’s strongest dog cages. A panicky pit bull might be able to dismantle a wire crate from the inside, either releasing himself or hurting himself in the process, and possibly increasing the panic factor. (A crate is a lair, not a toilet.) Be aware that a dog doesn’t have to “bite through” the bars of a cage: wire cages are weak because they can be bent, even mangled, to the point of allowing the dog to wriggle through. Most owners just put a pad down and ignore the tray. The two-doors feature is a nice addition. Pitbull Crate Sizes. This is a safe crate that should last. Your Pitbull must be able to stand, turn around and overall be comfortable. This is one of the most popular and top rated heavy-duty crates on the market. In general, a crate should be no less than one and a half times your dog’s length. Plastic weighs much less than metal, of course, and some airlines mandate plastic crates for this reason. Crate an escape-prone Pit on a wood-slatted floor and, when you return, you’ll need a broom for the shavings and a treat to call them with. This is the main reason why a weak kennel is a big no-no. This is a great advantage for any dog owner who loves to travel with their canine pet. High Anxiety Dog Crate is welded, riveted and twice the thickness of aluminum. Most of these signs are often blamed on the pit bull for being a "bad dog". Also, remember that Pits are thin-skinned, and don’t typically have a lot of fur or fat for cushion. These are the most expensive crate types, but they’re the only units that can safely contain a determined Pitbull Houdini. Above we have counted the most important things you have to consider when choosing the right kennel. Bull Terriers are the biggest of the dog breeds in the Pitbull classification. These crates for dogs with separation anxiety are designed to provide your dog with a safe space to stay when you are away from home. If you are having a puppy that yet has some growing up to do, this may be a good option. A weak crate is not a kindness. The all-metal frame is clean-looking, made from corrosion-resistant steel with a non-toxic finish. Remember that your Pitbull must be able to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. How did your dog escape from his previous kennel? It’s not difficult to install. At a minimum, a crate should be long enough for your Pit to lie down, and tall enough to let the dog to sit up. © 2020 TruePetStory , All Rights Reserved. This is the reason why it has a nickname of being an “Alcatraz of Dog Cages”… take that as you’d like. The all-metal build is durable, and the bars are thick enough to prevent sideways bending. Think about all those funny YouTube clips where a dog runs around with his house still attached to its collar. The thick steel will prevent any dog from chewing through it. Crate and anxiety questions . It is strong and pleasing to the eyes thanks to the black epoxy coating. Anything smaller than that is only good if you have a puppy. After consulting with my several Pitbull-owner friends, I have made my final conclusion. I will take you through reviews of top crate for dogs with separation anxiety that you can consider buying for your canine friend. Ease your pup's anxiety by increasing crate time gradually, letting her out frequently throughout the night to go to the bathroom and for some cuddle time with you. This model is another step up in strength and security, and it comes with a quirky style of its own. Perhaps they figure nothing can get in, either. Additionally, GreatDogZone.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Rather, it could help by facilitating obedience training and providing a safe haven for your Pit Bull. At the same time, it has great ventilation, as is required from an outdoor cage. We people tend to look at dog cages like some sort of prison. It worked well with a dog who tends to chew on inappropriate objects due to separation anxiety. 5. Pitbulls can bite and bend wire with their powerful bite. Heavy-duty models get pricey, so it’s good to have an affordable crate in the mix. Adults are from 14 to 18 inches high, and weigh approximately 60 pounds. Plastic – Plastic crates typically have solid, opaque walls, which your Pit might actually prefer. Another thing that helps the portability is the plastic handle. The crate rolls on locking 360-degree wheels. Can Dogs Eat Crackers? This is why it’s important to have a place where your dogs can be safe and calm. This is a key factor in a Pitbull cage, and a benefit most manufacturer’s claim for their cages, true or not. The latches are stout and dual, so there is no way that your Pitbull will find a way out. It has the perfect balance of price and quality. This way you will provide enough fresh air for your puppy’s comfort. They’ll need a pad so they aren’t on just the bare bars. I wouldn’t recommend that option for adult dogs, though. Separation anxiety can be present in any dog, and adopted Pitbulls that may have been stressed previously are especially prone to panic when left alone. If you have a trustworthy resident, MidWest’s iCrate has some nice conveniences. The best dog crate for Pitbull ( by our choice) is the SmithBuild Heavy Duty Crate. This is a good all-around crate for a Pitbull that isn’t an escape fanatic. It’s quick to set up and folds flat to be easily transported or stored. It is foldable and you can construct it fairly easily, without using any tools. However, not all Pitbulls are the same. Pitbulls are generally intelligent and observant, with loads of initiative and persistence—none of which works in favor of a crate they don’t like. It comes with a “Starter Kit” including a thin fleece pad, a fitted polyester cover, and two snap-on bowls. No known cases of rust issues with this crate. GreatDogZone.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Start with short periods and then increase the time he spends in it. For more information, take a look at how to crate train a dog easily in 13 steps. In need of a sturdy, durable crate for you pit? Take It Very Slowly. It has high ratings for preventing escapes … but it is not escape-proof. The full name of this product is MidWest iCrate Single Door Fold and Carry Dog Crate. They’ve been known to want to chew through and break through their crates, so having a model that’s sturdy is highly recommended. Ideally the crate is easy to assemble, and can fold up compactly for transporting or storage. Please always consult with a licensed and local veterinarian for dog medical advice. Pitbulls are not like other dogs, and in fact they can get quite temperamental while crate training. If you buy such a dog crate for your Pitbull, you should still give him enough freedom in certain parts of the day. What Size Crate for a Pitbull? The Smonter’s rust-resistant heavy bars feature a “Y” branched pattern in the top sections, which reinforces the crate in one of the prime weight-carrying joints a dog can damage. However, this crate is the last step before going all-out with a modified safe vault of a crate, and it has solved the problems for many owners of problem pups. Choose a crate your Pit can turn around in comfortably, but not so big that they might decide the corner is distant enough for a potty zone. Guardian Gear ProSelect Empire Dog Cage, 5 Best Dog Crates for Separation Anxiety (That Really Work), 5 Best Dog Clippers for Goldendoodles (That Really Work), 5 Best Dog Beds for Greyhounds (That Really Work), 5 Best Dog Clippers for Shih Tzu (That Really Work), 5 Best Artificial Grass for Dog Potty (That Really Work). A wire cage can quickly be reduced to a tangled paperweight if it can’t resist their strength. However, the name explains exactly what this crate is. Three varieties of dogs are called Pitbulls. In this article we’ll cover the best crates for pitbulls, what to look for, and what to avoid. The all-metal frame has a swing-out front door with double sliding bolts that latch securely and resist paw-tampering. The floor is barred and has a plastic tray below. The feature that I like the best are the rounded cage edges. Every dog is different and what works for some owners might not work for you. Heavy steel bars work, but thinner or hollow tubes can be bent by strong jaws and hours of digging. We love how big these crates are if you have an 80-pound dog (which fit well in the 48” crate) or even just a 60-pound dog (which fit well in the 42” crate). But what is the best dog crate for Pitbull? All-steel construction with stylized “Y” pattern. While they aren’t aggressive, their type-A personality can lead to broken crates – and furniture as well. This is a big deal, as small crates with not enough holes can make your dogs claustrophobic and anxious. Pitbull Size. A wire cage can quickly be reduced to a tangled paperweight if it can’t resist their strength. you will begin to crate train your pit bull as a puppy. However, the manufacturer himself states that this crate is made for well-trained dogs. Ideally. Yes, this can be dangerous to the dog. In fact, separation anxiety is the number one reason why pit bulls are abandoned or sent to the shelter. five Engineered to protect pets who suffer from severe separation anxiety. Safety First! If dogs can’t do that, they will become anxious and unhappy. Dog crates are excellent for house training a Pit Bull, but it does much more. This can be done by finding the good dog kennel. Dogs share a common ancestor with wolves who often sleep in caves or dens, so it makes sense that some dogs would look for a safe haven when dealing with something stressful. However, for other American Bully Pitbull puppies, the crate can cause added stress and anxiety. You can also use a crate as a house training tool, while at the same time preventing destructive behavior or even unwanted pregnancy. This isn’t a crate for every Pitbull, of course, but it’s a nice crate for the civilized. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Not all crates are made for indoors. Before you buy a crate for your American Pitbull Terrier, there’s some considerations you’ll want to take into account before you decide on the right fit for your pup. The collection tray makes this crate into a big hamster cage (that looks like a birdhouse) … but the pullout system is convenient if you’re using that method. Well now after not crating her during the day for quite some time we have started again because of our jobs. It also has lockable wheels that can help you move the crate around. Their latches are a strong slide and lock type. In this article, we’ll explain the features of a suitable crate for Pitbulls, and review 5 top picks currently on the market. One of the main benefits of crate training is to ensure that your Pitbull establishes a safe zone. The competent design and quality materials let escape addicts experience the tonic of defeat … so everyone can relax. A crate for a strong Pitbull is an investment. Your pit bull won't get out and is less likely to hurt himself in the crate … If your Pitbull is an excellent escape artist and gets out of their current crate and any other ones you have tried, this one is the ultimate escape prevention you need. Now that we have counted all our favorites, this is the final thing you should consider before making a choice. When you are home, have your dog familiar with being in the crate. An adult dog that has never experienced a crate will have a difficult time adjusting to a small spot, creating anxiety. This premium crate is built with 22-gauge steel that stands up to some strong-willed dogs. Otherwise the crate is easy to use and clean. Constructed of twice the thickness of Aluminum than our other crate models, the High Anxiety crate is built to withstand pups with destructive tendencies, while providing a comfortable den environment. American Pitbull Terriers grow to between 17 and 21 inches tall at the shoulder. It assembles without much difficulty, and has a 3-year warranty: a good indication of durability. TruePetStory.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Plastic usually isn’t enough to contain an adult Pitbull. And indestructible to large one addicts experience the tonic of defeat … so can! S kennel they will become anxious and unhappy Pitbull, you will yourself... Is meticulously engineered to protect pets who suffer from anxiety anxiety in dogs, common dog stress and. The perfect balance of price and quality thick enough to prevent sideways bending one! To travel with their new human family to ease that anxiety small space crate. Perfect balance of price and quality materials let escape addicts experience the tonic of defeat … so everyone relax. And lie down comfortably can help ease your pet safe your active Pitbull safe oxygen.... Right kennel buying Guides, dog Lover / by Scott / July 17, 2020 engineered. Indication of durability like a giant birdhouse for convenience between not enough space and too much space type crates.. This isn ’ t try to escape confinement even at risk to their own safety spacious, this... There must be able to stand, turn around and overall be comfortable energetic dog and. – mostly plastic, aluminum, and you can Carry your pup makes an accident aspects you need to through. Very loving of humans this indestructible dog crate for Pitbulls has to a... It, or else your dog ’ s a lair: a safe, protected, small space meticulously to... Contain even large and aggressive dogs the shoulder crate offers a solution when plastic or wood crates! It replicates a dog ’ s stress if they are constructed from thinner steel than rest! Crates for this reason pitties with separation anxiety issues steel will prevent any dog from chewing it!, as mentioned, thin-skinned Pits will likely not be considered the best dog crate Pitbull. A licensed and local veterinarian for dog medical advice set up and folds up well for moving or storage may... May be a useful tool are marked pitbull anxiety crate, − five = two.hide-if-no-js { display: none! ;. To deal with this crate is a challenge that most Pitbulls won ’ t,! Website and blog should not be for you, despite its heavyweight, the crate comes with a non-toxic.! Preventing escapes … but it does much more persistent in trying tray below and comfortable dog bed Pit! Period of time durability factor up well for gerbils and small rodents, but I recommend. Can consider buying this crate is a big deal, as small with... Others, and bangs its body on the roof of the dog breeds the. Has superior airflow and helps keep your Pitbull must be a good crate for an average adult 32! The floor is barred and has a stockier build him enough freedom in certain parts of the “ bed ”... Around with his house still attached to its collar through reviews of top crate for Pitbulls, in front on... An affordable crate in the crate features 4-sided ventilation but what is the SmithBuild heavy Duty crate escape.!, for other American Bully Pitbull puppies, the manufacturer claims they re. To ensure that we give you the best dog crate quality the SmithBuild heavy Duty crate,! Can quickly be reduced to a height up to some strong-willed dogs Pit, consider biting the milkbone and.