Still, he points out that carrying bear spray, especially in grizzly country, may save you in the extremely unlikely event of a bear attack. A group comprised of bear biologists and wildlife specialists released recommendations for bear pepper spray on August 12, 1999. Bears generally won’t park it while you hold up a hand, shrug off your pack, and rummage around for your spray. Wild bears rarely attack people unless they feel threatened or provoked. On a recent backpacking trip in northeastern Minnesota, we had Counter Assault Bear Spray on us the entire time, and it provided the safety and peace of mind we were looking for.. COMPARISON CHART OF BEAR PEPPER SPRAY . The shorter claws of the black bear are better for climbing. Shelf life: Up to four years. After that, Darkness became Bearwall, one of the best trail names I’ve ever heard.). A sudden close encounter and defensive charge from 15-25 feet. Here are some important things to consider if you want to buy bear spray. In extreme cold weather, American and Canadian park rangers carry their Counter Assault under their jackets to keep it warm for emergency use. If a bear is going to charge more than once, it creates a barrier zone for the bear to have to reenter. Always keep your bear spray immediately accessible and ready to deploy.. I scooped up a tangle of bear hair just before Blood Mountain on the Appalachian Trail in 2016 and it was … pungent. Talk in a soft to normal voice, do not yell. In fact, Tom Smith, the author of at least one of the studies, has said the studies do not argue for the efficacy of bear spray. For one thing, they kind of smell. $ 36.99 USD More information Here are some of the reasons Frontiersman Bear Spray provides the very best in bear defense. They need sufficient time to change from a contact charge to a bluff charge. Photo courtesy - Counter Assault bear deterrent. It may not have been the hellfire unleashed by pulling the trigger on a live can of Counter Assault, but it was still a pretty potent chemical blast. Store pet food, livestock feed, and garbage the same as food. Weight: For thru-hikers, even the smaller canister may seem like extra weight at 8.1 ounces. The industry’s leading bear pepper spray, spraying distance of up to 40 feet and spray duration of 8 seconds. Mama charged, and his whole trail family turned and fled, screaming, precisely what you are not supposed to do. If the bear or large predator continues to approach or to charge within 20 to 30 feet, use short blasts, continuously in succession, aiming low at the head and toward the ground in front of the animal so it runs into the spray, until the animal retreats or is deterred. This website contains affiliate links, which means The Trek may receive a percentage of any product or service you purchase using the links in the articles or advertisements. That said, if you are heading into grizzly country, this is probably a pretty good reason to put an extra 8 or 10 ounces on your back, because you never know. Bear spray uses a fine cloud of Capsicum derivatives to temporarily reduce a bear’s ability to breath, see, and smell, giving you time to leave the area. While I applaud your review and the attempt at being thorough, the studies you quote do not show what you claim. MSRP: $39.99 Counter Assault bear spray also deters other large, (understandably) angry creatures, such as moose and (possibly) velociraptors. The buyer pays the same price as they would otherwise, and your purchase helps to support The Trek's ongoing goal to serve you quality backpacking advice and information. In at least one of the studies you cite, the “incidents” were not bear attacks, but merely bear sightings. All bear-inflicted injuries associated with defensive spraying involved brown bears and were relatively minor.” And not a single bear was injured or killed. ... 4/1/2015 Counter Assault Bears often “bluff charge”. Counter Assault Bear Deterrent Spray At-a-Glance, Size: Comes in 8.1-ounce and 10.2-ounce spray cans “Given the unpredictable situations that may be encountered and the possible need to use bear spray multiple times during the course of one trip (e.g., wind, multiple bears, the hike out, etc. And if (when?) Deploys a high volume, powerful, atomized blast of highly concentrated pepper spray to deter a bear attack. Who knows? If you see a bear and it has not seen you, Stay calm and quietly leave the area. Do not spray this product on objects, tents, or humans; such use has NO deterrent effect on bears. Running is likely to prompt the bear to give chase. He can’t prove it with data, but believes the use of bear spray is a big factor in the change. For comparison, plain old pepper spray—the kind you use to fend off solicitors—is a dinky 1 million SHU, and ghost peppers, the hottest thing humans actually eat, top out at a wimpy 300,000 SHU. Your ultimate protection in the wild! “If a bear is shot and killed, the learning ends if it dies.”. Practice with an old canister or inert training canister (available online from bear spray manufacturers).. I suppose the best way would be something like this: Brown bear, aka grizzly. Do not run – including to the nearest tree unless you are sure you can climb at least 10 feet before the bear reaches you. The loop handle makes it easy to clip to clothes or pack. Stand still – hold your ground if the bear charges. To be effective, Counter Assault Bear Deterrent must be airborne. FAA regulations do not allow transportation of more than 4 ounces of pepper spray packed in checked luggage. He is careful to say “animal,” because 3 million SCUs are enough make virtually any animal stop and think twice. What do you call runners who get too close to a mama moose with a calf, like this one near Nederland, Colorado? Always minimize odors. The effects should dissipate within approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Size: Comes in 8.1-ounce and 10.2-ounce spray cans MSRP: $44.95 (8.1-ounce); $54.95 (10.2-ounce) A gradual continuous approach (curious, predatory or defensive to determine what and who you are). Yes, Counter Assault Bear Deterrent is EPA registered and can be taken across the Canadian border for your own personal use. Consider carrying two cans.”. But come 2019, who knows ...? Wash your hands thoroughly after cooking, eating, or handling fish or game. A standing bear is curious, not threatening, but this is a good time for a first short (one-second) burst of Counter Assault, bear mace which may send the bear on its way. “And what’s that smell?”. Alas, for reasons that I cannot adequately explain to you, dear reader (not to mention my wife and dog), I did this in my home office. Of course, you are smarter than I, so I’m sure you won’t “try it just a little bit” inside the house. 800-695-3394 In May 2017 and 2018 I gave back to the trail by working on the ATC's storied Konnarock Trail Crew. Range: 20 feet A bear hang is all but useless unless it is six to eight feet from the tree trunk and at least 10 feet off the ground. It typically comes in a small can and can be sprayed a maximum of six to 10 feet, he says. The most effective dispersal system is the atomized fogger. Works on all bear species to deter bears from attacking humans. Since it’s impossible to tell a bluff charge from the real thing, a short (1-3 second) blast of Counter Assault should interrupt the charge.
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